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Stop living paycheque to paycheque. Buddy is here!

Buddy is an app that helps you manage your daily/weekly and monthly finances it also helps you see what you need to do differently to balance your budget.

01. Typeface


Hanken Grotesk font





02. Colors









03. Wireframes

It lets you track your budget while including information about your investment accounts. The interface is intuitive and the visuals are easy to see on your phone.

04. My Wall

Easy to use, fun and casual newsfeeds welcome you with the information like how much you spent today or how is your saving track record; along with suggestions about good investment plans and articles about recommended vacations and breaks etc.

05. Daily Expenses

The app takes notes of your daily expenses either by automatically pulling transactions in from your bank accounts and credit cards, so they’re all in one place or it also allows you to take a photo of your receipts. And if you use geo-location on your device, it even fills in that info, saving you several steps.

Mansion 2025

Buy a new house in the suburbs by the year 2025

Goal 2020

Buy a sports car by the year 2020


Save for the Coachella festival next year.

Go Bali

Vacation in Bali by December 2019

06. My Goals

Set your life goals based on your income and savings, app acts like the financial assistant that helps you decide what amount to set aside every month to reach the desired goal or also warns you about any extra spending that you do.

07. Monthly Expenses

You can create as many budget categories as you want, and you can categorize transactions on the go. You can also set a monthly budget limit for a particular category and the app will send you a notification when you exceed the limit.


You can also compare the amount you spend each month on a particular category, which helps you make the necessary budget alterations.

Buddy is a  clean, streamlined app that's extremely convenient and easy to use. It's a great choice if you like more insight into where your money is going.