Guided- App For Travelers

Ask trusted locals about tips in your dream destinations! 

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01. Traveler's App

The Traveler app has features to select your interests, favorite destinations, number of people travelling etc. You can choose your destination to visit with the help of different filters and look for a guide nearby. The guide will ask her/his price and you pay upon trip completion. Users can also view guides profile, recommendations, per hour charges, reviews etc. to make a better choice.

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02. Guide's App

In the guide’s app, she/he can also choose which place he wants to visit for guiding people with their trips, depending on her/his area of interest, location preference, knowledge about the place, etc. When a user is looking for guides nearby, the guide will receive a notification and will have the ability to accept or deny the invitation. On ending the trip, they can ask for payment in cash or by in-app transfer. Like users, guides also get to share their trip experience, rate a traveler, and complaint if required. 

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